Lovin' our Big Boy!

Lovin' our Big Boy!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Homework and Swimming

Summer is the time to be carefree, right? Well, not for our kids with autism. There's therapy all year long. It comes in different forms, and for Jack these days much of it is either incidental or supportive therapy. But he also attends summer PDO at his preschool 2 days a week for social interaction and a 9 week class at Franklin Speech and Learning for Kindergarten readiness called Academic Scholars. Thankfully, Jack LOVES Academic Scholars.

He gets lots of homework from Miss Amy, his teacher there. At first he wasn't too keen on it, but lately he's been much more eager to complete it. Even the handwriting work, which is his least favorite. Here he is working on his upper and lower case letters with the support of the "alligator snap", courtesy of his OT, Miss Shayla, from ESY. Miss Shayla is awesome!! And we are so proud of Jack's compliance these days! It is at almost 100%...and anyone who knows Jack knows that this was an area of great concern as we approached kindergarten!

Today Jack had some good ol' fun with his friend Owen, and Owen's little sister Olivia, at their neighborhood saline pool! Yay for no chlorine! Jack is putting his newfound swimming skills to great use. Tyler got his first dip in the pool as well. Jack was excited to hang out with his classmate, Owen, and thought it was cool that he was there for Tyler's first swim. When Tyler turns 2, Jack's going to give Tyler his floatie ring and get a bigger one, he said tonite at bedtime. What a thoughtful big brother!

Owen and Jack having fun!

Jack taking a lap around the pool, just because he can now!

Clearly the coolest dude in the pool, baby brother Tyler!

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