Lovin' our Big Boy!

Lovin' our Big Boy!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Mental Checklist

The following have been able to be stricken from my mental checklist in the last 90 days, with the introduction of Namenda. To sit down and write them all out swells my heart. What amazing progress is chronicled here!

professional haircut, without incident
shopping with Mommy, going to as many stores as needed
being involved in baby brother's existence
helping around the house
dressing himself, shirt to shoes
buckling his own seatbelt
going to a playdate unaccompanied
sitting patiently through commercials on TiVo'd programs
talking on the phone
answering multiple questions about his day
spontaneously sharing information about his day (because he wants us to know!)
going to his first day of school, no aide, no supports, and getting a great report
allowing Mommy to go out at night without crying or worrying
doing homework without a meltdown
allowing me to take his picture without complaint (and smiling AND looking at camera)
walking in without incident, participating AND enjoying Sunday School
attending Children's Worship willingly
seeking out peers for play
coming when called 100% of the time
transitioning without protest, even from preferred to non-preferred task
doing homework willingly
problem solving
wiping his bum without assistance!

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