Lovin' our Big Boy!

Lovin' our Big Boy!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

It's NEVER Easy Come, Easy Go

Summer is in full swing (and my work is as well), and blogging has become a thought that never quite makes it to the keyboard...

So what brings me out of the woodwork to post? My poor baby is losing another friend...to geographical difficulty.

In preschool, Jack bonded with an adorable friend, Connor, and his sweet little brother, Aiden. Mom Michelle was such a help to me when Tyler was born, driving Jack to and from preschool every day during those first few weeks. The 3 boys together had an easy friendship and it was a joy to watch. Living on a busy road with no neighbors his age, combined with a very small sunday school class of his peers, seemed to leave Jack with little opportunities for friendship to blossom. I thanked God for Connor and Aiden and for the friendship that was developing. But Connor and Aiden moved to Texas at the beginning of the summer when their dad was transferred. We were happy that the boys would now get to spend time with their Texas family but were so sad to see them go.

pictured above with Owen (another classmate) and his sister Olivia

Kindergarten began that Fall and one particular boy showed a spark of interest in Jack and soon, an amazing friendship developed. Jayden has an easy spirit and is quite frankly the most polite boy I have ever met. Jack is very fond of Jayden and we have experienced the right of passage of boyhood with Jayden: Sleepovers. The 2 boys love to play, watch movies, play Wii and DS and yet go to bed with ease at bedtime in Jack's bunk beds.

Today I got a call from Jayden's mom, Tawanna. Seems that Jayden's dad has accepted a job in Atlanta, and they will be moving before Summer ends. I haven't told Jack yet...I fear his little heart will break. Rest assured, Jayden, that you will be missed in this Halbert house! Both Jack and Tyler love you so!

Time will heal this wound, and my hope is that a new friend will come in to view soon. Good thing he has his little brother. I hope they remain best friends for life.