Lovin' our Big Boy!

Lovin' our Big Boy!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Time for Birthdays

September comes in the Halbert house with many birthdays to celebrate. Uncle David on the 23rd, Daddy and Uncle Mike on the 24th and Meemaw on the 28th. We had a celebration dinner for Daddy (just the 4 of us) after work. Mommy made a special dinner for Daddy and Jack helped wrap the presents. We officially had 1 gift for Daddy and Jack was unhappy with that. He insisted that we give Daddy more presents, so he gave Daddy one of his recent drawings and we threw together a few other trinkets for Jack to wrap. He really enjoyed preparing for the "party."

The gift was a black and white portrait of Jack for Daddy's office. We also gave him an IOU for a picture of Tyler. Here's Jack's picture. He looks so grown up now!

Then a few days later Meemaw came to visit and we celebrated her birthday too. Jack made a card to be given to her from "the boys" and wrote her name: Mimal He is very into phonetic spelling these days and insisted that this is the right way to spell Meemaw. We weren't about to correct him. It was so cute!

Jack is becoming very well connected with the calendar. He now has every student in his class along with his teacher and student teacher's birthdays memorized. Funny, since his birthday is still half a year away! He also enjoys talking about what his age will be when he is in "x" grade in school. He's so quick to figure out that type of math in his head!

On the evening of Daddy's birthday party, Daddy gave Jack a very special gift. It was a watch. It is the very watch that Daddy wore when he was a boy. Jack understood the concept and was so excited to have his own watch. He proudly wore it all evening and had me take pictures of it. The next day he wore it to school where the 35 year old watch band promptly broke. So it's back to the watch shop (where it spent all summer being restored!) Hopefully Jack will be back to telling time with it again soon. He really loves it!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Inside Out

Jack says funny things. A lot. We find ourselves laughing quite often at his interesting perspective or truthful and curly way of putting things. The other nite I was walking by his room and heard him talking. Not quoting some TV show or movie, but talking about his day. So, I stuck my head in and here's how it went:

K: Hey there. What are you talking about?
J: I'm telling my kids in my heart with Jesus about my day.
K: Oh! How many kids do you have living in your heart with Jesus?
J: 52, um I mean, 39, no 11.
K: 11? Wow. Do they have names?
J: NOOOO, Mommy. They are just kids!

Jesus is now a sidekick of Jack's. He is brought up from time to time at the dinner table, such as:

J: Can I be excused?
K: Can you eat a little more chicken first please?
J: No, Jesus is full.

K: Are you all done?
J: No, Jesus just wants a little more to eat.

Funny, funny boy.