Lovin' our Big Boy!

Lovin' our Big Boy!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Inside Out

Jack says funny things. A lot. We find ourselves laughing quite often at his interesting perspective or truthful and curly way of putting things. The other nite I was walking by his room and heard him talking. Not quoting some TV show or movie, but talking about his day. So, I stuck my head in and here's how it went:

K: Hey there. What are you talking about?
J: I'm telling my kids in my heart with Jesus about my day.
K: Oh! How many kids do you have living in your heart with Jesus?
J: 52, um I mean, 39, no 11.
K: 11? Wow. Do they have names?
J: NOOOO, Mommy. They are just kids!

Jesus is now a sidekick of Jack's. He is brought up from time to time at the dinner table, such as:

J: Can I be excused?
K: Can you eat a little more chicken first please?
J: No, Jesus is full.

K: Are you all done?
J: No, Jesus just wants a little more to eat.

Funny, funny boy.


Candie Bowen said...

How funny & sweet at the same time! Sat. night Brody & I (your fellow football widow) were headed to visit Jack at your parents' house when you were pulling out of the driveway. Brody was SO disappointed- he was bringing his soccer ball over to see if Jack wanted to kick it with him.Next time we're both "widows" we need to plan a playdate!

Kristi J said...

that is hilarious...Gotta love a boy with Jesus in his heart!!! love him, kj