Lovin' our Big Boy!

Lovin' our Big Boy!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trash Talking

Explaining "trash talking" (we won't even go into why we were having this discussion) to our literal, logical 7 year old is difficult, at best. He walked away with an unconvincing understanding that it is "inappropriate" and not something that you should do.

However, in the process, here's how his attempt at "trash talking" went:

"I think you don't want to, um, I think you don't want to suck something..oh, I don't know." (I think he was loosely emulating the ever popular trash talking phrase of "You suck!") Thanks, Wipeout for yet another life lesson we are having here at the Halbert house, thanks to Season 2.

...another discussion this evening started with "Mommy, what's a "cheap date"? We might have to go back to "G" only programming!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Not too long ago Jack decided that, just like Nemo, he would now call his Daddy "Dad". And just like that, "Dad" it was. Dad doesn't seem to mind...but I am reminded once again of just how fast our little guy is growing up!

My Dad, by Jack (7)

Daddy is all grown up. I like it when he plays me in chess. My favorite thing about my Dad is that he tickles me a lot and I love that! - Jack

Here are a few of our Father's Day presents for dear old Dad... We love you Dad. Thanks for always showing the boys how much you love them and for tickling and playing crazy in a way that Mommies just can't do!!! I love to watch you and the boys together...thank you for being their dad. We love you! Love, Mommy, Jack & Tyler

Friday, June 19, 2009

Chess Camp - What a SUCCESS!

This week Jack experienced his first summer "camp". We wanted something that was of interest to him and wouldn't be too big of challenge for him. We introduced the idea of Chess Camp to him earlier in the Spring and were thrilled when he decided it sounded like fun! The camp is a national traveling camp, hosted at BGA, and has the option of a week long daily full day or half day session. We chose the half day, not knowing how it was all going to play out. This was a big test, of sorts. We did NO preparation with the camp...no notification in advance, no shadow/friend to go along, just Jack and his chess skills and some prayer!!!

Jack arrived on Monday afternoon quite nervous, not knowing what to expect. There were 10 other kids in his afternoon session, and his instructor, Matt, was amazing. The kids ranged in age from 6 - 13. Jack was not the youngest but he was certainly the smallest! Skill levels ranged as well, and Jack placed 9th out of 11 in skills at the start of the week. Lots of room for growth, right?

By the end of the week, Jack was really enjoying camp! He had learned a lot and Matt encouraged us to keep Jack involved in chess. He's a natural, Matt said, and he shows lots of promise! Jack is proud to have attended Chess Camp and we are excited to have a little boy with a first summer camp under his belt!!

Our proud chess player with his trophy!!!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Burden I Carry Is Light...

It's been a while since I posted of much other than the sweet happenings of our little life. And much, oh so much, of it is sweet. I am enjoying watching the bond grow stronger and stronger between our two boys and I thank God every day for giving me a heavy heart for a second child and for the strength to forge ahead amidst the fear. Tyler is a huge blessing to Jack, and vice versa. They spend many hours in the day together just playing and laughing. They look for each other as soon as they wake each day. And I am happy.

Many days, I must admit, I am blessed to have such a feeling of normalcy within our home. Jack is doing amazingly well. Dare I admit that some days I barely remember that he has autism? It is true. And for this I am also happy beyond measure.

And maybe that is why, on days like today, it catches me off guard a bit, when the autism rears its head and punches me in the gut. A phone call from my parents, keeping the kids overnite, as Mom shares that Jack was uncharacteristically "not himself" and threw a toy at their entertainment center with, seemingly, no reason. He was difficult to engage at times and was, overall, just 'off' for part of the stay. And I'm reeling from the blow.

Then a reminder that tomorrow starts an entirely new program at church for Sunday School. 3 grades (1st - 3rd) together all summer for a Scripture Memory type class along with lots of changes to come on Wed. nights (including a Drama program - drama? Could he even DO drama?) and for the forseeable future...and again, I'm hurled back into our modified life. I have to find someone to attend with him at least for a few weeks (it will be me)...there will be a lot of changes, no warning, I fear the class will be way over his head...and I'm not prepared. What if he can't handle it? There is no where else for him to go...and just like that, I'm back to where I've been so often before. Hello, darkness, my old friend...

In reality, the burden that I carry is light these days. And for that I am grateful. Not happy, but grateful. I'm not a whiner, I do not wish for a life that I cannot have, and I know that my lot in life in general and in specific could be so different than it is. But when it sneaks up behind me and whacks me in my knees, I wish, just for a minute, to blink and have our version of "normal" back, whatever that is. More and more, we deviate just for a minute or two or three, and then back to our normal it goes for a spell. I'm hoping those stretches will continue to get longer and longer as the whacking in the knees never feels good.

I love this boy, and his little brother, more than life itself. Here's one of a million reasons why...how could you not love a boy who loves icing off the beater???