Lovin' our Big Boy!

Lovin' our Big Boy!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Chess Camp - What a SUCCESS!

This week Jack experienced his first summer "camp". We wanted something that was of interest to him and wouldn't be too big of challenge for him. We introduced the idea of Chess Camp to him earlier in the Spring and were thrilled when he decided it sounded like fun! The camp is a national traveling camp, hosted at BGA, and has the option of a week long daily full day or half day session. We chose the half day, not knowing how it was all going to play out. This was a big test, of sorts. We did NO preparation with the camp...no notification in advance, no shadow/friend to go along, just Jack and his chess skills and some prayer!!!

Jack arrived on Monday afternoon quite nervous, not knowing what to expect. There were 10 other kids in his afternoon session, and his instructor, Matt, was amazing. The kids ranged in age from 6 - 13. Jack was not the youngest but he was certainly the smallest! Skill levels ranged as well, and Jack placed 9th out of 11 in skills at the start of the week. Lots of room for growth, right?

By the end of the week, Jack was really enjoying camp! He had learned a lot and Matt encouraged us to keep Jack involved in chess. He's a natural, Matt said, and he shows lots of promise! Jack is proud to have attended Chess Camp and we are excited to have a little boy with a first summer camp under his belt!!

Our proud chess player with his trophy!!!

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