Lovin' our Big Boy!

Lovin' our Big Boy!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Playdate: Take 2

Jack invited his "bus buddy" Cal, another 1st grader who gets off 1 stop before Jack, over for a playdate last week. He was so excited to have his new friend come over after Friday's half day. At 10:45 a I received a call from Jack's teacher (which is RARE) saying that Jack was a puddle in her lap. He'd heard some devastating news...Cal had gotten sick at school and was waiting to be picked up by his mom. No playdate would take place and Jack was so very sad. I headed over to the school to pick Jack up as a car rider (so he wouldn't have to ride the bus home alone without his playdate friend) and he expressed his disappointment at the turn of events.

Fast forward to a week later, and everyone at Cal's house is happy and healthy, so we rescheduled our playdate for Monday. The boys happily hopped off of the bus together, quickly shed backpacks, coats and shoes and ran to the den to have some fun with the Wii. Cal had brought a new game (Super Mario Brothers, Wii version) and the 2 boys had a fantastic time playing together.

Not much else to report, as I was completely excluded. No need for silly ol' Mom to hang out...these boys were having a great time by themselves. The beauty of all of this? No prompting, facilitating, worrying took place at all. Cal is unaware of Jack's shortcomings, and so is his mom. She popped in at 5 and quickly picked Cal up, other siblings waiting in the car, oblivious to the importance of this event (for me.) Amazing. Normal feels good. REAL good.

Congrats, Jack, on making friends, having playdates and enjoying the fun of being 7. We are so very proud of you.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


We had a special celebration this weekend in honor of Jack's big news! He has now mastered the entire first grade reading level at school and has moved up to the second grade reading level in the AR program (2.0 - 2.9.)

A month ago or so I offered Jack a little incentive to help motivate him to the 2.0 level. Jack decided that he'd really like for me to make him a cake, NOT a cupcake but a REAL (GFCF) cake, as his special treat. So, when he arrived home on Thursday with his big news, a '2.0' cake was in order!

We all enjoyed eating Jack's special treat and are so proud of our great reader!