Lovin' our Big Boy!

Lovin' our Big Boy!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Sweet N Sassy's Is the PERFECT place to get a haircut!"

This is the statement of the week from my six year old, former scaredy cat of all things hair-cutting related. I mentioned last week to him that it was time for a "real" haircut. Mommy's talent has not broadened nearly as much as I had hoped, and Jack's overall fear meter seems to be registering low. So, I gently broached the subject. "How about if Grandpa takes you to Snip Its?" , the location of his last professional cut a year or more ago (think tears, hunched shoulders, anxiety out the wahoo!). Note that I used Grandpa, the ultimate weapon, as he'll generally go anywhere with him! Jack pondered this and said "maybe". But then he added "I don't want to go to Snip Its. I want to go to the other place from a long time ago." That place is no longer in business, so I was scrambling..."Maybe we can find another kids' haircut place. How does that sound?" Jack said that would be great.

I tentatively called Sweet N Sassy, known for it's glamour girl parties and, sure enough, they cut boys' hair regularly! So Jack agreed to go on Monday.

Monday arrived and off we went. Mimi and Tyler went along too! Jack met Shelby, who was the most wonderful professional ever with my kid, and sat in her chair. No complaint about the cape, or the chair, or the haircut. So far, so good! A little cautious as she sprayed the comb...he made sure to warn her to be careful not to get his clothes wet, but sat and chatted with her and obeyed her direction (Look down at your knees for me). He was more nervous about the clippers but actually touched them with his finger and then agreed that they weren't so bad and allowed her to trim all that she needed to without complaint. I even noticed that hair was falling on his shorts and he was brushing it off! No meltdown in sight!

After the haircut was complete, he admired himself in the mirror and exclaimed that he looked handsome! And, well, he did! As I paid for his haircut, he selected a new Jibbitz for his crocs. Crazy store, had more toys and fun stuff than hair product. They sure know how to sucker punch the parents once you are there!

As we left, I felt myself pulling out my mental notepad...professional haircut without incident, check! I'm amazed at how many things are getting checked off that list lately since the addition of the Namenda (alzheimer drug). It has been nothing short of amazing...

Last night I asked Jack to step outside for a minute to take a picture of him with his new haircut. The sun was setting and the lighting was good. He hopped out right behind me and jumped into the grass, barefooted. I remember years ago him refusing to go anywhere outside without shoes. Times have so changed for the better for us! It really feels like easy street these days. And I thank God every moment for it!


Amy said...

What a handsome young man! I'm so glad he enjoyed getting his hair cut! :)
--Amy from BBC

Anonymous said...

:) loved reading this! so happy for you all!