Lovin' our Big Boy!

Lovin' our Big Boy!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Do you remember when I didn't love babies, Mommy?

Yes, these words fell from my sleepy boy's mouth recently just before bed as we were nuzzled up together on his "big kid's bed". "Yes," I reply, "I do remember." "But now I LOVE babies. Did you know that?" Um, yes, my sweet pea, I did know that as evidenced by the zillion times a day you are up in your baby brother's face...talking to him, singing songs to him, giving him his pacie, waking him from his ever so short naps, and all around doting on him.

Today Jack spent the afternoon with Grandpa while Mimi and I took Tyler on a shopping spree. We all arrived in our driveway at the same time. Jack came bounding out of Grandpa's car and was running right toward me. I was so tickled that he was so excited to see me....until he whizzed right past me and climbed into the backseat of my truck to greet HIS BROTHER. Yes, I am basically chopped liver. The mommy who hung the moon a mere 4 months ago is now second fiddle to a 14 lb. drooling smiling baby. Whodathunkit?

I'm ever amazed by Jack and his abilities. This new love for his baby brother and his serious response to being the Big Brother amazes me too. Maybe I'm unfair to him for being surprised, but I just didn't expect it so soon. But there is love. Full on brother to brother lifetime love. And it's not just Jack...Tyler's face completely lights up when Jack sticks his crazy antic, loud voice face up to him. It's most certainly reciprocated. Jack can't wait for Tyler to be old enough to sleep in his room with him. And it won't be long before Tyler will want to sleep there too. This is the joy of motherhood!

"Mommy, Tyler's love is forever, did you know that?" "Yes, sweet pea, I do." And I'm so grateful. It is truly a beautiful thing to watch.

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