Lovin' our Big Boy!

Lovin' our Big Boy!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The "6's" go on holiday...

Mom touted it as the "Sixes" trip. Mom is 66, Dad just turned 66 and Jack is 6. Cute, huh? And corny. That's my sweet mom's style. And I wouldn't have it any other way...

Tyler and I headed out to the airport to greet the weary travelers. That sweet little boy was a sight for sore eyes! This was the first time I'd ever been left by him...it is usually Scott and I traveling with Fort Dearborn each year leaving Jack home. But this time I was the one passing by his dark, empty room each nite. It was great to enjoy our new baby without any distraction or additional responsibility, though.

Jack has a fantastic time. He was "super Jack". Mom and Dad said he was so easy to travel with, he wasn't rigid about how they spent their days, and was an all around joy. Atta boy! He faced his new fear of Splash Mountain only to get pummeled by a giant spray of water. Splash Mountain is back on the "No Ride" list. He enjoyed a 90 minute backstage tour of The Land, one of his favorite Disney rides (located in EPCOT). He especially enjoyed the Sleeping Plant, and proceeded to close many of the leaves as the tour guide talked about horticulture. Mom said that Jack corrected the guide when he neglected to mention that the tomato plant's record for tomatoes was a "guiness" world record. Shame on the dude!

Jack was also smitten with the Jungle Cruise this trip and declared that he might like to become a Jungle Cruise boat driver when he grows up. Oh my! We can add that to his list of adult occupations, which also include doctor and scuba diver. And he was anxious to talk to Crush again at the Turtle Talk with Crush attraction at EPCOT. He was prepared this time with his question...he asked Crush an all time favorite..."Why did the chicken cross the road?" complete with answer..."To get to the other side." Crush wasn't as amused as the audience was!

I'm especially proud of the fact that he ate some baked chicken, cooked especially for him, at the Land restaurant. This would be the first chicken he's eaten in a restaurant in easily 3 years, if not more. While he only ate a few bites, this certainly serves as a noteable moment in his progress! Way to go, Jack!

He even arrived home with gifts for each of us that he had handpicked. I got a nightshirt that says "Not all mornings are magical" and Daddy and Tyler got Test Track key chains with their names on them. It was adorable and he was very proud of what he had chosen!

Overall, the trip was a smashing success. Who would have thought a year ago that this would have been possible? The Namenda medication, an alzheimer's drug, has been an amazing treatment for Jack. I'm amazed at the ease at transitions, the compliance, the lack of meltdowns when disappointed or scolded...it has been one of the integral pieces to his recovery. And what great timing...with the baby and with the removal of his class assistant, it couldn't have come at a better time!

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