Lovin' our Big Boy!

Lovin' our Big Boy!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Disney or Bust!!!

Jack headed out on Wednesday with his Mimi and Grandpa to Disney World for SIX DAYS!!! 6 whole days without his Mom (and Dad and baby brother!) He was raring to go on Wednesday morning, when he popped out of bed and yelled "It's Vacation Day!" I was telling Jack what the schedule would be in the a.m. I told him "After you get dressed and have breakfast, we're leaving for the airport. Mommy has to go to Mimi & Grandpa's to pick them up." Jack said, "But I can't be at the airport by myself!!" It was so cute...

So we were a little rushed getting to the airport. The airport traffic patrol was out in full force, and the guy was watching my parked car curbside like a hawk. So, I took a few pictures (seen above) and said a quick goodbye. Apparently, as I drove away, the sand shifted beneath Jack's feet. He started to panic, saying that I was "lost" and that he couldn't find me. This went on through the ENTIRE airport...security, etc. all the way to the gate. I think this was stressful for Mimi and Grandpa, but thankfully this was not a foreshadow of the rest of the trip.

By the time they boarded, Jack was excited to head to his favorite place in the entire world...the land of Disney. He patiently trekked around Orlando as they picked up their rental car, special foods, groceries for the condo, etc. But once they got to the condo and dropped off their luggage, Jack was ready to hit the park! He has spent each day from morning til dark at the Parks. I've been hearing about it in little 4 minute or so phone calls several times each day. It sounds like they are all having the BEST time!!! I can't wait til they get home tomorrow so I can see and hear all about it!! We all miss him and are ready for him to come home! And I am so proud that he's able to do this. What an accomplishment!!!

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