Lovin' our Big Boy!

Lovin' our Big Boy!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Taekwondo...but not the REAL Taekwondo

Connor is in Jack's class at preschool. An unlikely pair, Connor stands a head and shoulder over Jack. Perhaps he's a gentle giant, for he and Jack have taken to each other like playdough in your fingernail. Jack loves playing with Connor, and his 4 yr old brother Aidan. Connor's mom, Michelle, has been an awesome friend. She has taken Jack to school and picked him up countless times as I treaded the waters of mommyhood with a newborn again. Last week the boys had an outdoor playdate at Connor's, and Michelle even came by to pick up Jack's new bike! They are an awesome family and, sadly, they are moving to Texas. God works in funny ways, huh?

So, yesterday Michelle picked up Jack from school and brought him to their house to play. Jack informed me that they played Knex. Sounds like fun. Then Connor got into his taekwondo outfit and the 3 boys, Connor, Aidan and Jack were off to Taekwondo. The plan was to have Aidan and Jack watch, but as soon as the class started, or so I'm told, Jack ran into the group shouting, "I want to do it too!" Graciously, the teacher allowed Jack to join in with the students. He participated in the class and was really excited about it when he got home. Michelle said he did good, considering it was his first time and that his motor planning is really slow. Overall, it was a perfectly fantastic outing, and such a normal 6 year old experience. I was just glowing.

Michelle said that the class instructor mentioned a summer two week "camp" that might be a good opportunity for Jack to receive more individualized instruction. I asked for more info, but don't know yet if I have a budding taekwondo master on my hands or not. In fact, he was telling me about it this morning, saying "When I was doing taekwondo with Conor and Connor (both from his school class) and my other friends, we were playing tag during the break. It was so much fun." I asked him if he'd like to go again sometime and he said, "Ok, but not the REAL taekwondo, okay?" I have no idea what that means, but maybe taekwondo will turn out to be a group sport that suits Jack perfectly!

Since I have no pictures from the Taekwondo field trip/play date, I thought I'd include a couple from Jack's recent photo shoot. I think he needs a few lessons and it doesn't help that our new camera is so heavy!

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