Lovin' our Big Boy!

Lovin' our Big Boy!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yesterday's BIG Accomplishment

A kid rides the bus. What's the big deal, right? Millions of kids do it every day. Well, it' a big deal for THIS kid. This kid said last year that he would NEVER be a bus rider. He'd just be a car rider. In fact, it took a lot of convincing that riding the bus to the Pumpkin Patch field trip was a GOOD idea. Whenever the topic was approached, the response was always the same "I will NEVER be a bus rider." So, you can imagine my surprise when Jack told me that he might like to ride the bus TOMORROW, on his way home during the first week of school.

I don't know what happened to change his mind. Bus riders do get to leave school the earliest, and he might have been told (by me) that you get home faster when you ride the bus, but I'd like to think it was one of those moments where you decide to kick the tail of one of your fears. I don't really know. All I know is that I found myself calling to find out where the bus would pick up my 1st grader and, just a few days later, I was sitting at home at dismissal time, biting my nails just a little, praying that he was happy, content, and traveling home at that very moment. I don't know what I expected, as things can go either way with Jack. I figured that either he'd love it emphatically or else he'd find it wasn't what he expected and he'd never ride again. I sure didn't expect the response I got, though, as he arrived at the top of our driveway yesterday...

Double click on the video if you want to see it without part of it missing...


whitneypratt@ymail.com said...

He is absolutely precious!! That's AWESOME!!

(I found your blog on Kristy's with Lucy Lane)

Anonymous said...

Karen-this is priceless and I know what a huge accomplishment this is. I cried watching it as I know the myriad of emotions that you and he went through to make this happen. Way to go!!!