Lovin' our Big Boy!

Lovin' our Big Boy!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Grade Preview...Roster Sneak Peek

Last night Jack and I (with Tyler and Grandpa in tow) headed over to school to see the 1st grade rosters that were posted on the school's front door the same day. Finally we got to see who Jack's 1st Grade teacher will be!

Jack scanned the list and found his name. His new teacher is the awesome Mrs. Stark. She's a perfect teacher for Jack and I know he's going to have another fabulous year! He found his friends names scattered about in other classes and pretty quickly had seen all he needed to see and was ready to head to the new and improved playground!

As we were walking to the playground he said "There are 19 friends in my class!" How ever did he count all those names so quickly? That little stinker!

Today was full of apprehension, as the reality of tomorrow is closing in. He said that he was scared. That he thought he wouldn't do well. He is nervous that the fans will turn on in the gym. So we talked about the fact that there wouldn't be PE tomorrow (it's a 1/2 day), what to do when the fans come on (cover your ears), what we expected the day to be like (my best guess), and how awesome it is that he already knows where his class is, where all the specials are, where the cafeteria is and that he knows 3 kids already in his class. This seemed to calm him a bit, and he enjoyed it when I prayed at bedtime for a great day with no nervousness.

I also reminded him that I will be taking his picture because tomorrow IS the first day of school...and it's a rule. Hee hee!

Good luck, our sweet boy! We know you'll win over all your new friends with your sweet spirit. Enjoy first grade! We are so proud of you!


Amy said...

Brave brave boy. We've had an eerily similar discussion about what children in the class will be loud and quiet and what is going to happen on the first day. Don't you wish you just knew every single bit of their day so you could prepare them? But I guess we can't prepare them for everything in life. I'm praying for both our boys today, and their mamas.

Pam Seavers said...

How was Jacks first day? I am so proud of him. You are truelly awesome, Karen. (Awesome, not in the 'teen-speak' way, but in an 'all inspiring' way.) Much love to you both.