Lovin' our Big Boy!

Lovin' our Big Boy!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Can You Hear Her? The Tooth Fairy Is Coming Tonite!

That's right, tooth #2 has finally departed from the sweet smile of my 7 year old. We waiting long and hard for that tiny tooth to vacate the premises! It fell out as Jack was getting his teeth brushed, rather aggressively, from his impatient Mommy!

I love Jack's reaction to this event. Both times he is excited and absolutely petrified at the same time. There was no crying, but his bottom lip quivered ever so slightly as he reflected on the blood trickling down the water glass after a rinse. He didn't want to talk about it much. He said he was tired and had to go straight to bed "so he could get plenty of sleep." He did say that the blood was terrible and was thrilled when I explained that the blood had, in fact, stopped flowing.

Relieved just a little, he happily went to bed, tooth placed neatly beside his bed in easy reach for the Tooth Fairy to make her return visit with his treasure. He hopes for $50, he said. Sadly, not in these economic times, my friend!

I believe that the Tooth Fairy was quite pleased with the location of said tooth, so as to save her from all that wrangling about with the pillow and slumbery boy and all.

Bittersweet moments, watching your children grow up right before your eyes. I just know that in a minute he's going to be asking for my car keys. It makes me a bit weak in the knees, the speed of all of it, to be honest.

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