Lovin' our Big Boy!

Lovin' our Big Boy!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

The countdown is on! Just ONE more day until our Disney vacation starts. Jack is thrilled but is currently quite disappointed that he managed to get strep throat just moments before our big trip! He's been medicated for 24 hours now and we're hoping he'll be back to feeling like his old self by flight time tomorrow.

Jack and Disney. They go together like milk and cookies. It is hands down his favorite place to go on the planet. He's been there too many times to count. He had been to all 4 Disney World parks before he turned 1. With Mimi and Grandpa both working at Disney, we were spoiled to have frequent and free access to the parks. But since Mimi and Grandpa's retirement and move to TN, our trips have been much less frequent and, consequently, more sacred. We pack a lot of "Disney" into our trips now.

This will be the first time we'll take little brother Tyler to WDW. It sure will be interesting to see how a nap-needing-want-to-walk-alone-toddler will impact our usually fast paced trip. But Jack is excited to show him the ropes and wonders what Tyler's favorite ride will be. I'm sure it will be the fastest, wildest ride that he's allowed to go on!!! Our little daredevil!

I'm going to need big brother's help on the plane tomorrow. We're both hoping Tyler won't be too wild on the 1.5 hour plane ride!!!

Jack is a veteran air traveler. Has been flying to FL and various other states (CA, MA, IL to name a few) since he was a tot. He's a pro.

Does this look like the kind of toddler that will sit quietly in his Mommy's lap for nearly 2 hours?

Here is a look back at Disney with Jack. I don't have the oldest pictures on my computer, since it was before we went digital. I think I could chronicle his entire life through Disney pictures. Maybe someday that would make a good photo book. I can't wait to see what new memories we capture with both boys this trip!!!

We plan on having an awesome time at our favorite stomping grounds. Jack is ready to show Tyler the ropes of his most favorite vacation place of all time! I hope the park is ready for US!!!!

"See" ya when we get back!!!

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