Lovin' our Big Boy!

Lovin' our Big Boy!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday, Jack!

Today, our first born woke up as a 7 year old. And he was thrilled to do so! He walked over to his new fish and said, "Hi Eve! Hi Wall-E! I'm 7 now!" He had a jam packed day...his birthday was announced on the PA system at school, he got a special present from the school office, he was the leader all day in his class, he "lunched" with Mimi, Mommy, baby Tyler and his chosen classmate and sweet friend, Clarissa. After school, Mimi and Grandpa came over to celebrate with gifts and stayed for dinner. Daddy came home from work for a few more gifts and playtime before bed. Jack's teacher commented that Jack was so happy today and was thrilled to be the only seven year old in the class!

Mimi, Tyler and Mommy had lunch with Jack today. Jack's friend, Clarissa, and Jack both got special birthday cupcakes with Wall-E on top!

Mimi and Grandpa came over after school and we all had a great time! Tyler wanted to help his big brother open his presents and checked out all Jack's gifts! Jack's favorite gifts were his Wall-E and Eve interactive RC robots. They are really cool! Below Jack is telling Tyler how they operate.

These brothers have a lot of love to share!

Here's our mini cake that we had tonite after dinner. It was perfect for our small gathering. Jack recommended that we cut it into sixths (they are learning fractions this month at school), so we did and everyone got a piece. The boys both LOVE cake! Look closely below and you'll see Tyler pointing to the cake that he was begging for!

Above is a sneak peek at the cake I made for Jack's birthday party tomorrow afternoon...

Me and my sweet boys! They are both growing up so fast! And below is a picture of Jack BEATING his Dad (no longer Daddy, per Jack) on his new mini air hockey table. Anyone want to take on the reigning champion?

Happy Birthday, my sweet young man. You have really matured in the last few months and are ready for all that being 7 brings. I am so very much enjoying watching you grow up, but slow down a little, ok? It's all moving just a little too fast for my liking. I love you to the moon and back, Love, Mommy

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Amy said...

Happy birthday Jack! He is going to be a fabulous seven year old. He looks so tall in the pictures. And WOW on the cake decorating. Photography, cake decorating . . . you're so talented!