Lovin' our Big Boy!

Lovin' our Big Boy!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Group Tennis Lesson

Jack's school offered a group tennis lesson after school for Kindergarten and First Grade students. When asked if he'd like to attend, Jack shocked the family by replying "Yes!" He has recently had an introduction to tennis, along with a few other sports, with the addition of Wii Sports to our Wii library of games. I might add that Jack did say that he wished they were offering boxing lessons instead of tennis, but I think he would have been gravely disappointed had that been so.

Yesterday afternoon was the big day for the lesson. As it turns out, his sweet classmate, Hannah, was also attending, so he was happy to see a familiar face in the crowd. I stayed to watch, unsure whether this would be a great experience or too overwhelming. It could go either way.

Jack loved it. He participated in the group warm up exercises, the skill analysis drills and the lesson. He was grouped with a few others with no tennis experience and was so thrilled when he started to catch on to the exercises they were learning. He cheered excitedly for himself each time he was successful, which was quite endearing. His enthusiasm is contagious at times. The hour went by quickly and soon it was time to hang up the borrowed racket and head home. He was all smiles and said that he'd love to get a tennis racket for his birthday so we can return to the court.

I was so proud. Other than a little extra wiggle in his movement, a little less focus than many of the other kids and being a little bit extra vocal when sharing his excitement about his progress, he was truly indistinguishable from his peers in this event. And it was something he'd never ever done before! What an amazing accomplishment. I'm still in awe...and so very proud.

Please excuse the view from behind the fence...I was trying to remain inconspicuous. And yes, there really were other kids there. 25 to be exact. I was busy focusing on that cute boy in the blue shirt!!


Amy said...

GO JACK!! That's great news! Maybe he can teach ME a thing or two about tennis? Nice job!!

jamie said...

oh how sweet!! yeah for jack! i used to love tennis when i was his age too...although we just hit the ball against the garage door :-)

Amy said...

Way to go Jack! And what a proud moment for Mama! I love it when they surprise us like that.

Candie Bowen said...

Hooray for Jack!!!