Lovin' our Big Boy!

Lovin' our Big Boy!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

2008! New Year...New Endeavor!


I am often asked if I will return to the blog. Seems many folks would like a look inside our world of autism recovery and daily living to see what goes on. But I haven’t obliged. I’ve kept busy, attempting to balance the demands of treatment with a bit of normalcy. And it has felt good!

But time ticks on. Jack is just a few months shy of his sixth birthday and we are still working at overcoming autism. Still. Guess I thought we’d be done by now. Might sound silly to those who aren’t involved, but all my fellow warrior parents understand just what I mean. We get the diagnosis and we all sign up for our tour of duty. But your paperwork doesn’t tell you when you’ll get to “return home”, if ever. So we make up a time that sounds reasonable. “I’ll put in 3 years and by then, surely, we will have won the war!” Then, at the end of two years, we see that the conflict is taking longer than expected to resolve. “Hmmm,” we think, “maybe I can stick it out another 18 months. Surely by then we’ll have won!” That’s where I am. I’ve figured out that this is definitely a LONG process. There isn’t recovery at 5 for us. 7 or 8 now sounds perfectly reasonable to me! So, I’m regrouping. Oh, and gestating too. Just 11 days to go until we add yet another element into the mix…the bringing home of our latest family addition, our second son, Tyler.

Amidst the impending chaos, the blog has risen to the surface, crying out to me. Perhaps it will ground me…or keep me sane…in the days and weeks ahead of sure change. I don’t know, but since it calls, here I am.

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